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COBRA and Mini-COBRA laws create limitless liabilities to businesses that offer group insurance. Disturbingly, most businesses do not purchase the employment practices rider to a general liability policy that covers COBRA administrative errors.

To assist you meet your obligations, our services include:
  • A cost effective, time saving resource to generate COBRA and Mini-COBRA notices to comply with Federal or State laws that apply to your business.
  • A detailed Record Keeping Platform for maintaining COBRA and Mini-COBRA beneficiary and notice records.
  • A human resource File Cabinet for storing plan information, insurance rates, employee contributions, COBRA and Mini-COBRA charged premiums, and benefits enrollment materials.
  • A letter library of COBRA administration letters.
  • A Government Notice Library of notices employers are mandated to annually distribute to employees. This service includes a button that creates the required Section 125 Employee Authorization Form that allows premium contributions on a pre-tax basis.

Examples of small COBRA cases:

CauseJudgmentPrintable Case
Failure to send a COBRA notice$24,390(Torres_ v_Ramallo: 4/22/02)
No Proof of Mailing Notice$30,158(Sonnichsen_v_Aries Marine Corp: 2/26/09)
Proof of Mailing, Case Dismissed$0(Chesney_v_Valley Stream Union: 5/7/09)

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